Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Latest Clearance

I have few stuff to let go, check out my website and feel free to ask me if you have any further question...

Fish steamer, salad steamer and egg boiler GBP 5

Pyrex Glass cookware GBP 12
large : 22cmx17cm (1.5L)
small: approx 20cmx15cm
round shape : approx 2ocm diameter

Finest Dinner set GBP15 (16 pieces)
4x cereal bowls, 4 x 6" sauces plate, 8x10" dinner plates

White porcelain baking dish GBP10

conrflake/cereal container from Ikea GBP4

Portable heater fan from Russell Hobbs GBP5

Walker from Chicco GBP25

Mug and Cuttlery Stand GBP 3

Available from 8th June 2009.....

Drying Rack GBP6


Thank you for looking..


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