Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My PurplePink Baby

As per requested..

**pics is credited to Mr.Google

This is the full view of my Co*ach A*li Signature Lila*c P*atchwork Hobo Style.. the material is quite soft as if you like a handbag from the kinda of renyuk2 or lembik (mcm me!!). I'll be selling it for RM655, including postage.. I got the C*oach give card, the receipt and the handbag still attached with its tag. Reason for selling... saje :) tehehhehe... in case ada yang berminat, sbb asalnya beli utk pakai senirik.. tiba2 jer hasrat lain menjelmaaaaa.... (oh, maafkan mak)



che'puan Idot said...

weh, pesal nak let go?
jomla boria dgn aku?

mak farhah said...

box/dust bag ada x?

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